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A Year in a Village

One village ● One family ● One year

What it's like to live in a village today



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Documentary Film Festival Acampadoc Panamá 2020
Filmed in the Czech Republic, ''A Year in a Village'' is the story of two young people raised in a rural community who ask themselves whether they would prefer to continue living where they grew up, or to settle in a big city. Through reflective dialogues and scenes that paint the simple routine of the place, the documentary manages to install doubts about what is important in life, about the value of identity, about happiness, to lead to another even bigger question that is suggested with the direct gaze of one of the protagonists into the camera, in the midst of that idyllic landscape of light, wind and green pastures. The question could well be: what do we live for?

Petr Smělík, the film director, explained that the idea of the documentary arose with a question that every inhabitant of the interior of any country -like him- asks themselves at a certain moment in life: Do we stay to live in the town or do we emigrate to the capital? And the answer is almost always the second option and for a very specific reality: it is in capital cities where there is more opportunity for education and employment. For this very reason, ''A Year in a Village'' is significant: because it shows that, despite the distance and the need, the human being is who he has always been.


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Petr Smělík

documentary filmmaker

I’m fascinated by documentary filmmaking mostly for its ability to carry viewers to worlds they wouldn’t be able to visit otherwise. The most important goal of my creative process is to capture the life that surrounds us honestly and truly, yet with a strong audiovisual emphasis.

I’m a documentary filmmaker from the Czech Republic who makes people smile and think by filming stories about men from villages, be they light-hearted stories or serious stories about dedication – stories that are true and inspiring.

The documentary ‘A year in a village’ is my first as a director. I’ve been working as an editor and music director for about 15 years. I work mostly for Czech television, but also for independent production companies.”


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2004 - 2020

about Petr

In 2009, Petr edited Přízrak svobody II, a documentary co-produced by Czech Television, Endorfilm and Arte. This film was awarded a special prize as an “audacious experiment with time in a fringe of the documentary genre”. The range of Petr’s experience includes editing TV shows, TV films and documentaries. The series Enclosed World, which features life behind bars, was awarded the prize Czech Joy at MFDF Jihlava 2018. Petr`s documentary “A Year in a Village” is his debut as a director.

MFDF Jihlava 2017
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