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Petr Smělík, born 1985, graduated from the Film School in Zlín. A pivotal movie for him was the puppet animation, The Tokio Brothers, on which he worked as both the producer and the editor. The film was featured at the 2006 Japan Media Arts Festival and was awarded a prize at the 2007 Tokyo International Anime Fair.

In 2009 Petr edited Přízrak svobody II, a documentary co-produced by Czech Television, Endorfilm and Arte. This film was awarded Special prize as an “audacious experiment with time in a fringe of documentary genre”. The range of Petr`s experience includes editing TV shows, TV films and documentaries.

The series Enclosed World, which features life behind bars, was awarded the prize Czech Joy at MFDF Jihlava 2018.
Petr`s documentary “A Year in a village” is his debut as a director.


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A year in a village
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"Vivatscreen puts an emphasis on the audiovisual part of the work. Of course, it has to be always in line with the content and story of the documentary."
Petr Smělík

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