documentary movie

A Year in a Village

The documentary “A Year in a Village” features a family living in a village somewhere in Moravia. The aim of the documentary film portrait is to find out what it is actually like to live in a village today.


DCP, DCI-Flat, Sound 5.1


Czech - subtitles ENG, FR, ESP


52 minutes

Distribution and Worldwide Sales:

What it's like to live in a village in modern times.

The focus of this story is on 12-year-old Vojta and his father Danek, who are both into beekeeping and on Vojta`s 16-year-old cousin Anetka, who is preparing for her first participation in “hody” celebration, and of their grandmother Bohuška. Even though a part of the documentary features the traditional feast called “hody”, the aim is not to describe the event itself, but to understand how the characters feel about being a part of it and how it influences them. What it's like living in a village in South Moravia, the Czech Republic?

"Makes me feel sad, that it's disappearing like this."
"Here I can just hang out with the guys wherever I want."
"I make folk costumes because I enjoy it."
first unofficial screening

Lucerna 3. 12. 2019

Unofficial screening for the crew and friends at Lucerna, Prague on 3. 12. 2019

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